Aurelia Hack
Founder & owner of Hack Corporate Health Consulting & Communication

As an industrial and organizational psychologist, the focus of my research and scientific work is on Mental Health at Work and the work trends of the future.
Together with my team, I advise client companies throughout Europe on establishing sustainable health management or optimizing their existing corporate health management in order to protect the health of their employees.

As a second range of services, as marketing and communications expert, I support companies, together with my team, in the conception and implementation of a company-wide corporate health communication strategy.
Because only by means of a successful 
target group-oriented communication, corporate health can achieve the greatest benefit.

My company's mission for our clients is:
Making Corporate Health matter!

The Team

We are your partner for your successful Corporate Health Management.
Together with you, we create an individual Corporate Health Management for the future of your company and your employees. 

Sebastian Ayernschmalz

Sebastian Ayernschmalz has been working in the consulting environment for more than 10 years and supports companies in transformation projects of workflows, processes and organizational units. 

In doing so, he accompanies the entire change process from the initial recording to the implementation and training of the measures.

Sebastian studied psychology part-time, is a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy and holds various trainer licenses. 
In his work, he primarily pursues a holistic approach and ensures movement in the change process.

Svenja Floberg Thiel

Svenja Floberg Thiel is a transformation coach, consultant for the certified 9 Levels value development, consultant for new entrepreneurship and expert for needs, strengths and values.
With her background of 15 years in the insurance industry as a consultant and executive, she brings a deep knowledge around people in business, operations and organizational processes, and business administration. 
In her work she takes an interdisciplinary approach of psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, philosophy as well as spirituality and combines the contrasts of science and business.
Her work offers people the space to discover themselves and become fully themselves. For inner peace, security, peace and joy - inside and outside.